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January 8th, 2007

10:50 pm - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit.
i havent drank soda in two weeks!
woohoo! its pretty hard though, i see the mountain dew in the vending machine at work. its like working with the one that got away....
ahh sigh.

anyways, it's been some time since ive posted anything here. duh. i'm sorry to all my fans who've missed me. i'm an asshole.

I have been without a license for about 7 or 8 months, and it has sucked. luckily though, it finally came in the mail (after i called the bitch ass DMV and bitched). just in time for matt's birthday in vegas. helllllloooo casino royale craps tabled and AMF's all night.

ive been listening to the learn japanese CDs in the car. they're awesome.

watashi wa nihongo ga wakarimas! yay for science.

friday night is UFS's first show with our NEW DRUMMER!!!!! we're rockin lancaster again. its going to rule and smell real bad cause we're gonna rock the house and make everyone sweat. oh yea. feel it. hehe but really, im pumped. lancaster is ALWAYS good to us. if only i wasnt such a slacker, we could have the CD with us to sell. oh well, we'll go back.

im working two jobs. its sucks. im mucho tired.


austin son

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August 20th, 2006

08:17 pm
ever get so involed with something, you lose track of time, and what seemed like hours turns out to be maybe twenty minutes? and the next thing you know, you return to what you were doing and the next hours speed by?


and now halo 2

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April 8th, 2006

01:52 pm
last night sucked. kinda.

hurt my wrist in a fight, and spent all night in the police station. got off on heroics. yay for crimefighting....

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March 24th, 2006

07:22 pm - hello all you wickets and willows....
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im back. i know you all havent noticed.

that quiz was pretty amusing. i like being described as complex, vulgar and dark. makes we feel like a warlock general or something. roxanne is the cutting edge. dark, spontanious and clean, like a ninja. word.

a lots been going on. doing two bands now. ufs and courier. courier is a project in the works, so nothing really to say except that we practice twice a week, which is awesome. been buying a lot of bass gear: new jazz bass, new gallien-krueger head, new boss eq pedal, and hopefully new cab sometime soon. but yea, more of that to come, i suppose.

going over to sy's birthday kickback. gonna be chillzilla. oh yea, and today i was told that i will be getting my $250 dollars from work for hiring jim lincoln. yay. im gonna give it to kt. we're moving again soon, two months. hopefully to a house, but probably another apartment until we finally get to move into justin's parent's townhouse. fucking sweet.

after watching the four harry potter movie a bunch of dvd, i decided to read the serie. im boring them from my boss, and im on number 2. pretty cool, really simple.

ive been on a sort of show hiatus recently, but i am going to see we are scientists next saturday at el rey. april 9th is mewithoutyou at chain and on the 20th is say anything at chain. sweet.

time to get ready.

adios motherfuckers....
Current Music: why do they rock so hard by reel big fish

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September 14th, 2005

10:36 pm - packing/cleaning sucks
so im moving out of the apartment and into a room in a house with a guy i knew in high school and his wife. nice house, big room, cheap rent, im in. justins probably coming along too, so we're both packing up, which means a bit of cleaning first. as im going through stuff, i found like a year old meanstreet which i, with my immense attention span, read cover to cover. its gonna be a long move.

ive been really tired since the trip to norcal, no idea why. ive been getting enough sleep.

ive decided to let things happen. trying is too tough, in most cases. ill just let moving happen, let lunch happen, let music happen. everything. i think im going to postpone this songwriting experiment till october 1, when ill be settled in my new residence. until then, ill be packing and moving.

savannah by zao is a really good song.
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: coheed and cambria

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September 13th, 2005

08:10 pm - dsad
So this weekend, the Un-Fun Slide packed up and headed north to Sacramento for a show with Flip the Switch...let's recap, shall we?

CHECK IT OUT!Collapse )

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September 7th, 2005

01:59 am
the internet is going slow at the old apartment of love. depressing. justin cant really play WoW and i cant whore myspace to my full capabilities. so we decided a quick skateboard trip would be fun. quick skateboard trip turned into a trek across corona from the apartment to porkys.

first stop was riteaid for some poweraide....


time to take off onto the main street bridge....

packing up to march on

finally, we get down the hill to 6th and grand, where the semi-uphill battle begins

on sixth street, theres the corona elks lodge

...which is perfect for skating

finally, we head up rimpau (and i do mean up) to magnolia....

a bit further on rimpau and TADA!

our destination....now its time to call katie and get a ride home

yay. we got home, jim came over and we killed cops on GTA3, MMMmmmMMMM

the route we took, equals about 5 miles....

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August 29th, 2005

10:46 pm - el maana
so today, i talked to my mom. i realized we are the only sane ones left in my family.

you know what, i have a message for you, and youll never read it. someday, when youre a bit more stable than you are now, ill tell you. i want to tell you today, but you wont have any of that. youre to shattered and rebuilt and all that. here it is, take notes:

life sucks. deal.
im probably the most ignorant person in the world. i have the shittiest work ethic, my living situation is less than suitable, i have girl problems, family problems, work problems, band problems, personal problems and computer problems. just like everyone else. you know what i do? i deal. life will never ever ever be perfect, and nothing can change that. not moving out. not switching schools. not getting a new job. and dont get mad at us cause we're not eager to change. our lives are unsteady just like yours, but you know what. we like how were doing. fuck, ive never been more poor, and ive never been more happy. i have 35 bucks a week to live on for the rest of the year, and im looking forward to every week.

me and jay are doing good. real good. you know what it is? its not that we love our jobs. its not that we live with each other. its not that we have tons of cool stuff to play with. its not air conditioning or a nice couch. its that we look at everything that creates the world around us and we both realize that its all good. the corn dogs, drinking water, the busted tvs, the dirty carpet. its all good. we like where we're at. you should too. when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. if life happens to give you dirt, make a little dirt statue and try to sell it for a few bucks.

now if youll excuse me, i need to find a cheap bike on ebay so i can get to work and band practice when gas prices get even more ridiculous.

p.s. this isnt to be mean, im just trying to help you out cause i love you.

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August 17th, 2005

11:50 pm - the tuesday and wednesday dreams are made of
tuesday was the project. its good. sam shaved. its bad.

today was work, then jamming with courier.

sam ash has a horrible selection. since the last time ive been there, they stopped carrying ernie ball and gibson. bad call. their electric drum sets had no headphones. bad call.

i finally saw sin city, the whole sin city. good shit.

yeeesh. all the hookers in that movie are hot except for the bitch with the blue eyes. duhzorz.

tomorrow is thursday, which means the next day is friday. almost time to wipe the slate. where will you be?

fucked up.

dont worry about it....itll be fine.
just fine.

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July 25th, 2005

07:21 pm - fuck the scene
fuck it good and hard.

im looking at the shit the people in the ska scene are giving the new bands. not my band, but those both local and far away who are doing something new. you know, i hate a lot of scenes because of the elitist attitudes that so many of them generally have. maybe i didnt see it before, but it seems to me that the ska scene has surpassed what most other scenes have as far as elitism. i could be wrong, and if i am, im sorry. i thought the worst thing in the world was when all the ska kids went indie and fauxcore. you play a show and you swear like you've become the moving units overnight cause everyone watching you is dressed all scene, with the exception of a few cool oldschoolers. well, thats not the worst thing. the worst thing is this fucking elitism.

let me tell you something. the third wave is gone. GONE. yea, it was a nice run and an AWESOME style which i will always love, but it is in the past now. theres a new wave forming, and the bands who are on the forefront of it are getting shit from these elitists because its not third wave or 2 tone or trad. fuck that. when 2 tone came around, do you think all the hardcore trad fans liked it? probably not. and you can bet your ass the trad and 2 tone people thought third wave was a bunch of shit when it came out. fuck, they still do. all i heard growing up in the 3rdwave scene was how everyone hated how the trad kids did nothing but talk shit on third wave, yet today i see so many of them start this shit with the newer types of ska.

to all you third wave rockers out there. prepare yourselves. in the near future, we are going to be losing a lot of bands. reel big fish, mustard plug, catch 22, pretty soon, these bands and more are going to be gone. theyve been around for too long, and at some point, everyone has to settle down.

the newer styles of ska are on the uprise, but not without the shittalking from the other waves. im not saying everyone has to like it because its ska, im saying everyone should shut up and stop trying to destroy these bands with their shit talking and malcontent.

heres the bottom line: ska isnt dead, but its changing. it always does.

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